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Tutoring at APS is available for any child who requires additional academic support.  It is also available to any student who desires enrichment or who thrives by working at a faster pace than is being provided in their classroom.  Children who benefit from tutoring include children who are resistant to school or homework, who find homework becoming more difficult, whose grades are dropping, who have low self-esteem, who have trouble working independently, or who have school or test anxiety.

Academic support and enrichment are provided along with tools to empower children to know what they know. We use the tools of Access Consciousness to  quickly and easily break down the walls that are creating difficulty in school or at home. Kids can quickly become aware of where they are functioning with a particular subject or area and have the chance to choose a different possibility. At APS we give students the tools to thrive, to take off and fly and be whatever they choose.

Parents of children who have received this style of tutoring have reported higher test scores, improved grades, more confidence, improved attitude toward school, more independence as learners, elimination of stress and anxiety, improved work and study habits, and improved social and behavioral skills.

 After three sessions, a 7 year old girl, who was struggling with learning in a French immersion environment, became confident in her learning, and any difficulties she had had with spelling or learning any subjects in French went away. She no longer required tutoring in any subject.”

“I taught Art and English to second language students in an overseas school where most kids in first year kindergarten had no English and very poor motor skills. By the end of the year they had the motor skills typical of a 2nd grade child and were fluent in English and able to comprehend higher-level literacy skills such as sequencing. They were also happier kids.”

“A second language teenage student was struggling with spelling, comprehension and research skills and was failing her first semester. By the end of her second year of study her spelling was almost faultless, her comprehension was insightful and her research was in-depth, coherent, apt and genuinely a pleasure to read.”

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