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Category Archives: Newsletters

Newsletter 2016 March

    March 2016 Dear Reader, Second semester started February 1, and, we have a couple of new kids in the school.One of them has never been on a computer before, and, he is choosing online school with us! In addition, he lives in a time zone where APS classes begin at 5:45 am. He was […]

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Newsletter 2016 February

    February 2016 Dear Reader, So much news! We’ve been up and running since September 8th, and, kids are continuing to enroll! Our academic program, full-time enrollment as well as single courses for grades Kindergarten-8, takes place during US/Canada school hours.   We continue to offer tutoring as well as extracurricular activities for kids […]

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Newsletter 2016 January

  January 2016 Dear Reader, Second Semester begins on February 1st! Teachers are preparing for a new semester. We’re welcoming new kids and families, and are so excited to see what this new semester brings!     We know we are a different school, inconceivable to many. If you know of any kids who would benefit from attending […]

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