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The Access Possibilities School – Where Did the Vision Come From?

The generation of kids who have been being born for the last ten or fifteen years – we call them the Z Generation, or Z Gen kids – they are a generation for whom the status quo is not good enough. They are the purveyors of true possibility.  If you knew that you could create […]

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A Different Approach to ADD and ADHD

Children are full of energy, excitement and curiosity. When a baby is born, it is growing and developing, it has an innate curiosity to discover how the world works and to learn about all the amazing things that make up the world around them. Babies are curious about their surroundings and, through this curiosity, they […]

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What Can We Learn From Children?

As a teacher, and a student, we are constantly reinforced with the idea that it is the teacher’s job to impart unto their students the knowledge that they will require to succeed in the world when they grow up. Seems pretty obvious, the teacher’s job is to teach. But, what if it’s not? What makes […]

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Do You Know “Who” Your Children Are?

As I talk to people about kids I wonder if we really know who our children are. We have so many hopes and dreams for them even before they are born. As we drive through life at full speed with our hopes and dreams for our children in place, how often do we stop to […]

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Exams Eek

Do you have an exam phobia? As a kid I had an exam ‘avoidia’. I had all kinds of ‘techniques’ as kid of ‘studying’: sleeping on my text books, lucky charms, learning by osmosis etc. None of them actually but it felt like I was trying really hard. A few hours before the exam when […]

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