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About Us

Have you ever wondered where the schools are that inspire, excite and encourage our kids to step beyond what even they thought was possible?  Places where teachers ignite a sense of wonder and stimulate questions and encourage students to play?

Traditional schools often struggle with kids that are different and those are the kids that can fall through the cracks. They end up skipping school or being placed in special education programs or they simply just shut down, lost in the hopelessness of it all.

What if it’s not the students that are failing school but the system failing them? And, instead of looking at kids as disabled or requiring special needs, what if we looked at them differently.  What if the kids who are labeled as “disabled” are not?  What if they are just different?  What change could be created if they were taught the way they learn, not the way others say they should learn?

What if we could also be there for the kids that find school too slow or too limiting? The ones who want to fly instead of walk: the entrepreneurs, the inventors, the artists, the scientists, the writers, the world changers.

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the creators of Access Possibilities School, LLC, have worked for several years with many people involved in school systems all over the world and have found that the current methods for standard education seem to work only for those students who fit in and can learn in a standard way.

They asked the question,  “What else is possible for kids?”

The Access Possibilities School was born.

Access Possibilities School

Access Possibilities School Global

Our first academic programs started in September 2015, at the start of the school year in the USA and Canada, and take place during USA/Canada daytime time zones.  During this first year, students from Kindergarten (ages 5-6) through to 8th grade (ages 11-14) are being offered full year enrollment, ½ year enrollment, tutoring and after school activities. Students from all around the world participate in our school.

The academic programs are based on US standards and curriculum since we are a US based company (that operates globally).  We are seeking accreditation and are working closely with the agency (AdvancED) that will grant that status. Graduating students will be awarded a US High School diploma.  We will add 9th grade through 12th grade (ages 14-19) beginning in 2016 with the addition of the 9th grade.

As we grow and expand, Access Possibilities School hopes to offer online primary and secondary education programs in other countries.  These programs will be based on the particular country’s curriculum and standards, and, graduating students will be awarded the particular certificate or diploma of that country.  Depending on the availability of the technology, the program will be offered in their language.

The school offers a core curriculum in a different way.  Unlike other online schools, the academic program is highly interactive, using cutting edge technology with virtual classrooms and frequent contact between teachers and students, and between students and students.

Our Students

We have many different types of students.  The common thread is that for whatever reason, traditional brick and mortar, online and home school programs are not working for them.

The following are some examples of students who might be interested in attending the Access Possibilities School, and who have enrolled

Is your child:

  • Having difficulty learning the way they are being taught in their current school? Are they looking for content to be presented in ways that excite them about learning?
  • Brilliant, beyond his/her grade level and bored in traditional school?
  • Placed in “Gifted and Talented” classes and looking for additional academic challenges?
  • Struggling in one or more areas and would like additional support in the form of one or more courses?
  • Struggling and would like tutoring support?
  • Required to make up course work or improve his/her grades in order to graduate on time, or at risk of failing a class or a grade?
  • Requiring summer school classes?
  • A gifted athlete, whose training schedules conflict with his/her regular class times?
  • A talented performer, whose performance and rehearsal schedules conflict with his/her regular class times?

Are you or do you:

  • Travel worldwide and would like to travel with your child?
  • Stationed abroad in areas where the local public and private schools are inadequate.
  • Live in rural areas – (We are exploring bandwidth capabilities with software companies).


In addition to offering a curriculum based on US High School Diploma requirements, the school has the capability to offer the curricula of other countries.  We are exploring language and translation capabilities with the software companies. What possibilities are available for our children that we have not yet asked for?

Our Teachers

Unlike other schools, the teachers at Access Possibilities School are trained in the use of Access Consciousness® learning tools, which have been proven to make a significant difference in student success rates.

Our teachers are certified in their respective countries to teach their particular grades and subjects.  They create curricula and lesson plans that comply with relevant accreditation agency, state and country education standards. And, applying the tools of Access Consciousness®, they teach their students the way the students learn, not the way they have been told they have to learn.

“I taught Art and English to second language students in an overseas school where most kids in first year kindergarten had no English and very poor motor skills. By the end of the year they had the motor skills typical of a 2nd grade child and were fluent in English and able to comprehend higher-level literacy skills such as sequencing. They were also happier kids.”

~ Simone Padur, teacher, Access Possibilities School ~

The teachers who have joined the Access Possibilities School team are the ones on the creative edge of primary and secondary education.  They are interested in taking their students beyond the limitations of “teaching to the test.”

Our teachers customize learning for their students, while meeting the standards for accreditation. For example, if a 1st or 2nd grade student’s primary interest is all about bugs and insects, then their reading, math, science and social studies requirements could be met through the study of bugs. This instruction could be a combination of online virtual classroom study with other like-minded peers doing group projects, reading books about bugs, spelling the names of different kinds of bugs, experiential lessons from the student’s back yard, counting bugs, learning about how bugs are made (with skeleton on the outside, as opposed to us, with skeleton on the inside), etc.

The teachers can also set lessons so that if a 2nd grader is functioning at a 4th grade level for math, they can be given that 4th grade work to do.

Our Management Team

The management team selected to run the Access Possibilities School is a rare combination of unique talents.  The team is committed to creating, fine tuning, growing and expanding the reach of the school around the world, and to maintaining and expanding its day-to-day operations.



Gary Douglas, CEO

Dr. Dain Heer, CFO,

Anne Maxwell, Executive Director

Christine DiDomenico, School Principal

Our School’s Creators

The concept of the school was formed by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, co-creators of Access Consciousness®, and it has been developed and actualized by an amazingly fun, energetic, totally creative, inspired, persistent, committed and beyond wonderful group of people.  We’ve always known that something else had to be possible for these kids, and it is the magical combination of all of us and of countless others that is making this school come into existence!

A seed for Access Possibilities School was planted 15 years ago. At that time, we created a school in Queensland, Australia. However, it did not work out, as many of our students had to travel up to 2.5 hours a day to get to school. We knew there had to be an easier way!  That school, 15 years ago, gave us the spark of an idea to create an online school … and here it is!


Simone Milasas, Advisory Board Member

Diva Diaz, Creative Genius

Simone Padur, Teacher

Anne Maxwell, Executive Director

Michelle Edhouse, Technical Wizard

Stephanie Richardson, Designer Extraordinaire

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board provides strategic advice, direction and guidance to the management team of the school.

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Advisory Board

Gary Douglas, CEO

Dr. Dain Heer, CFO

Simone Milasas, Worldwide Coordinator, Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness® is an applied philosophy created and developed by Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, which is taught through seminars and workshops conducted by 2700 qualified Access Consciousness Facilitators all around the world.  For more than 25 years, Access Consciousness workshops have been successfully empowering people to change those aspects of their lives that are not working for them.  Put simply, the Access Consciousness® tools work

As a company, Access Consciousness LLC has grown into an international business with classes delivered live and online in 173 countries.

For more information about Access Consciousness,