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“So kids can learn how to learn for the fun of learning.” – Gary Douglas


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What People Say

  • After three sessions, a 7 year old girl, who was struggling with learning in a French immersion environment, became confident in her learning, and any difficulties she had had with spelling or learning any subjects in French went away. She no longer required tutoring in any subject.

    Simone Padur, teacher, Access Possibilities School

  • I taught Art and English to second language students in an overseas school where most kids in first year kindergarten had no English and very poor motor skills. By the end of the year they had the motor skills typical of a 2nd grade child and were fluent in English and able to comprehend higher-level literacy skills such as sequencing. They were also happier kids.

    Simone Padur, teacher, Access Possibilities School

  • A second language teenage student was struggling with spelling, comprehension and research skills and was failing her first semester. By the end of her second year of study her spelling was almost faultless, her comprehension was insightful and her research was in-depth, coherent, apt and genuinely a pleasure to read.

    Simone Padur, teacher, Access Possibilities School

  • After one session, a 13 year old boy reported that it was the first time he was able to go to all of his classes at school and not feel anxious before going in the classroom.


  • Students and teachers have reported changes in behaviors and ability to get work done in school with greater ease. They also have shown improvements in being able to get homework completed more efficiently which has reduced stress for the entire family.

    Simone Padur, teacher, Access Possibilities School

  • Many parents have reported that their children have not only improved in the subject area they were receiving tutoring but have also improved their grades in other subjects.


  • The parent of a 15 year old girl reported that her daughter’s disposition toward school work had improved. The constant battle over homework and the anger that her daughter often expressed disappeared. Along with the change, her daughter seemed to have a more positive outlook about herself and appeared to be much happier.


  • A 13 yr. old boy was so excited to report that after his tutoring and clearing session he presented a project to his class in a way that he had never been able to before. He was not nervous or anxious about getting up in front of the class and he was able to give eye contact to his peers and the teacher.


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